[sw-l] LESSONS in Transcribing a Poem from Video

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Thu Nov 18 21:49:35 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
November 18, 2004

Nancy Emery wrote:
> yes, I can view it.
> nancy

I am so glad to know this, Nancy. May I ask about your transcription
project from ASL videos? Are you creating documents in Expressive from
the ASL videos? Are you using QuickTime too? Are you typing your
documents in SignWriter after you transcribe? How are you preparing
your documents? And do you have any transcriptions completed? I am
curious that's all...smile...Now that I have learned how to make
smaller video clips in Quicktime that you can read on the web, I think
I can finally start transcribing...I got caught up with the software
technicalities rather than the SW itself...which is easy to do...I
still want to learn how to convert a QuickTime movie into Windows Media
Player format but I don't know how yet!

Val ;-)


> on 11/18/04 1:17 PM, Valerie Sutton at sutton at signwriting.org wrote:
>> SignWriting List
>> November 18, 2004
>> http://www.signwriting.org/lessons/transcribe/poetry/oneharbor/
>> oneharbor02.html
>> Can anyone view this new video clip on the web? It is just the
>> fingerspelling of H-A-R-B-O-R, in QuickTime. No downloading necessary,
>> if your browser can read QuickTime...
>> Notice the head movement on the fingerspelling...There is a dip of the
>> head down towards the end, placing emphasis on the last R...
>> Val ;-)

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