[sw-l] LESSONS in Transcribing a Poem from Video

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Nov 19 17:11:15 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
November 19, 2004

 >Nancy Emery wrote:
(Too bad I can't create each sign with "drag and drop",
like the new dictionaries, as I go.  But I understand that
is slower to develop, and the project is for a Master's thesis in
linguistics so it needs to be a paper document, not on-line.)


Hi Nancy and Everyone -
Thanks for your description of your project! SignMaker is a wonderful
drag and drop program on the web, but the IMWA is not complete in it,
and you would be lacking the arm lines needed for video transcription,
so for now it is just as well that you are using SignWriter Java...Val

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