[sw-l] Welcome to new members from Canada!

Brenda White philcoe.bjwhite at SASKTEL.NET
Fri Nov 26 22:40:12 UTC 2004

Thank you for your warm welcome.

I will be letting Saskatchewan friends manage on their own.  After 25 years,
I am heading back to "home" in Ontario.   I will be moving to Windsor, as of
Jan 15 2005.


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SignWriting List
November 26, 2004

Dear SW List!
I would like to welcome Brenda White, and other Deaf friends, who have
just joined our List from Regina, Saskatchuan, in Canada!!

Welcome Brenda ;-)))

We have other Canadians on our List. Paul Cowley, the List owner, is
from Ontario, Canada...and Tini Pel teaches American Sign Language in
Ontario...You can visit a section on our web site:

SignWriting in Canada

Maybe later, if your group in Saskatchuan becomes active, Brenda, we
can write about your work and post it on the web too...smile...I hope
you will write to tell us a little about yourself on the List...we
always enjoy meeting new members!

Here is a picture of Tini's students:



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