[sw-l] question

Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod girodmarc at VTX.CH
Fri Nov 26 23:25:28 UTC 2004

thanks for the very quick answer!!

Le 27 nov. 04, à 00:05, Valerie Sutton a écrit :

> SignWriting List
> November 26, 2004
> Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod wrote:
>> I'm trying to write down signs where the right hand is in contact
>> with the left arm.... and don't know where to find the symbol for the
>> arms... (into SignPuddle)
> When you click on the symbol that represents the arms in Sign Puddle,
> you will see these symbols (see attached). The arm lines are all
> attached to shoulders, but you just need a little line without a
> shoulder...very frustrating! So I will be working on finishing the
> IMWA as best as I can in a couple of days..it will take me until the
> New Year to complete it. I need to provide little lines for arms,
> fingers, legs etc that fit with the size of the hands, and are
> available with or without attached shoulders. Here are the symbols
> that are in Sign Puddle at the moment, although they probably won't do
> you much good, if you don't want the shoulders!...I will show you how
> to write contacting an arm, outside of Sign Puddle, next message:
> <armlines2.gif>

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