[sw-l] Australian Sign Puddle dictionary online?

Antony Daamen adaamen at OPTUSNET.COM.AU
Mon Nov 29 03:58:09 UTC 2004


HI Val and all other friends on the sign writing site!!

more time
After lots of uuuhhmm-ing and aarrr-ing, I have decided to quit my job.

This means (in theory) that I should hav emore time!

Yes! Auslan SignWriting
So yes Val I am interested in writing my own sign....
On the subject of AUSLAN, there is a webiste that is worth having a look at:


needless to say, I am a member!

If this site would have a link to "my" Auslan Signwriting site, wouldn't
that be marvelous!!

I am a little emberashed to sya, but most emails re: PUDL I deleted... So I
have not got a clue how to use it!

However, I have a little more time, so at last I am be able to do something.

I wasn't very impressed with the DOS-SignWriting program, ehence I didn't
use itmuch.  I only made one sign and it didn't look at all what I imagined
it would like!

Ok, I am surre that all of you are itching to help me... So I am looking
forward to work together!!


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October 14, 2004
Want an Australian Sign Language Sign Puddle dictionary online, Antony?
You would be able to create your own signs online and add them to a
dictionary, and then invite your Australian friends to share email in
SignWriting with you...If you are interested, write again...Val ;-)
On Oct 13, 2004, at 5:12 PM, Antony Daamen wrote:
> 14/10/04
> Hallo Kathleen!
> welkom to this site!
> I am Antony and am a 'listener'. Ik bedoel dat ik all de verhaaltjes
> lees, maar niet vaak antwoord...... (I mean that I read all the posts,
> but rarely answer.....)
> I live in Australia, but grew up in Dordrecht, Nederland.  I always
> understood that Nederland was a very oral-oriented country....  So how
> excited I was when you shown me your website!  wowowowowow.
> I never knew any of this!
> Thank you ver very much, you made my day! 
> Also good to see that you use SignWriting in this webiste and with the
> teaching in the class!!
> I myself work for the Qld Deaf Society (I don't know for how much
> longer...) and have been to busy with my work, to be involved with the
> promotion of sign writing.  I have shown this method to anyone htat
> wants to listen, but most educators here are very much set in their
> ways....
> QDS staff themselves are also very very un-interested!  very
> disappointing...
> Nevermind we will plot along.
> OK, if you feel like a chat in Dutch (don't understand French) pls
> tell me! I love to hear more from Belgie Nederland etc.
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> Subject: Re: [sw-l] BELGIUM: New SW Literacy Project and new web
> area...
> SignWriting List
> October 13, 2004
> Kathleen Heylen wrote:
> > What can I tell you about Belgium? Better ask me what I can't tell
> you
> > about Belgium because it is such a fascinating country ;o) We ARE the
> > capitol of Europe ;o)
> This is absolutely fascinating, Kathleen! Thank you for sharing with
> us. So Belgium is the capital of Europe? grin...a side note....I come
> from California and I know some Californians feel we are the capital of
> the USA...but the rest of the USA does not agree - ha!! smile...
> But now I realize maybe Belgium is the head of the European Community?
> is that right? In 2004 I believe you have a Dutch president of the EU?
> http://www.eu2004.nl/
> > And we have some beautiful city's to visit. Like; Antwerp, Brussels,
> > Brugge, Gent, Liège, Namur, ...
> oh yes! They are beautiful! I have been to Brussels, Brugge, Gent,
> Leige, and Antwerp...I love Belgium...
> >  It is so that we officialy have 3 languages: Flemish, French and
> > German.
> I had no idea that German was spoken in Belgium!
> > Flemish is the upperside close to Holland where people understand us
> > pretty good because they speak Dutch. Brussels is situated in
> > Flanders, but used to be and still mainly is French (Wallon)
> speaking.
> So there is a French-speaking city in the middle of Flanders, and the
> French dialect is called Wallon ? smile...
> > The lower side of Belgium is near to France and this is where the
> > people live that we call 'Wallon'. This used to be the 'rich' part of
> > Belgium in the early 19th century, but that changed about 70 years
> > ago. Now Flanders is the economic drive of Belgium. Some people in
> > Flanders want to be seperated from the Wallon part. I myself dont see
> > me going on a trip and telling people i'm from the independant 'state
> > of Flanders'. Who ever heared of Belgium, so WHO will know what
> > Flanders is? :s
> Oh. Wow. I see. I think Belgium is fascinating as one country with many
> regions and languages!
> > And then there is a VERY small part of German speaking people in
> > Belgium, but they are such a smal part that they are fogotten about
> > frequently. (shame on us!)
> Do they use German Sign Language, or is it a separate Belgian-German
> Sign Language?
> >
> > So far the general situation of Belgium. Now for our other languages
> > that do exist in Belgium but are not recognized are the signed
> > languages. There is a Flemish Signl anguage in Belgium wich consist
> > also of many dialects as you can see on the website of the University
> > of Ghent. ( http://gebaren.ugent.be/ )
> All those dialects can be written in SignWriting, as you know...
> > There is also a 'French' Sign Language or better said 'Langue des
> > Signes Wallon'. I'm sorry i dont have any information on the
> existence
> > of 'Germang Sign Language' in Belgium. (Deutche Gebarensprache)
> You answered my question above...thank you!
> > I know the signlanguage in Wallonië is recognized to use in the
> > schools, but not as an official language. There are actions at hand
> to
> > promote the recognition of Flemish signlanguage.
> > (www.doofactiefront.be) this site is availible in English as well ;o)
> Great!
> > Now for my school. Being it is situated in Brussels you will think,
> > Jeezus all those languages?? No, it is true at my school there are
> > Flemish speaking and signing people aswell as Wallon speaking and
> > signing people. This used to be all mixed up, but a few years ago the
> > two groups where seperated. So now the children learn 2 languages:
> > Flemish SignLanguage (FSL) and Dutch (Flemish) written and/or spoken.
> > This is how we see Bi-lingual education. The children are brought up
> > in there mothertongue Flemish signlanguage and learn to read and
> write
> > (speak) Dutch. I myself teach FSL (VGT - Vlaamse Gebarentaal) and
> > d/Deafculture together with Sara (my sweet friend and Deaf
> > coöperator).
> I see. Very interesting. So you have the school divided into two
> sections...one section for the Flemish and the other the French
> (Wallon)? So do the Deaf kids inter-mix on the playground? Because we
> could also write their Wallon Sign Language too, and then the kids
> could learn each other's signed languages! Just a thought...but for the
> future...smile
> > We teach the children the grammar and sytaxis of VGT and do this by
> > using SignWriting. What is our population? Well all the children run
> > trough our classroom, no matter there hearingloss. Some student have
> > more ours VGT a week then others.
> >  
> > I would love to get some information on other people using
> SignWriting
> > in Belgium, the people i know dont really use it or are not working
> as
> > educators. My french is not as good as I would want it to be. So i
> get
> > more information in English and Flemish then French. It's more
> > difficult for me to read a book in French then in English. But i will
> > do my best to work with my Belgian partners ;o)
> >  
> > More news WILL follow ;o)
> > Greetings Kathleen
> >  ps: hope i don't make to many mistakes (my spelling isn't that
> great)
> > pps: i have a disk that has a DOS program for SignWriting (Kristof De
> > Weerdt gave it to me ;o)
> Please send my best wishes to Kristof! Your English is excellent - no
> problems at all! I will send you some contacts in Belgium -
> it may take a few days before the web area is ready and I will write
> when it is!
> Val ;-)
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