[sw-l] SignWriting List down until next week because of second hurricane...

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Thu Sep 2 13:32:50 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
September 2, 2004

Dear SignWriting List Members:
Our List is located at Valencia Community College in Orlando, Florida. 
There is a second hurricane heading towards Orlando again. I just 
received the following messages, that our SignWriting List will not be 
in service until the hurricane passes. Here are the two messages I just 
received...Thank you, Joel and Alysse, for informing us:

Joel Burrow wrote:

> All,
> I sincerely apologize for this necessity, but I will be taking down 
> the server hosting your lists this afternoon.  All of our 
> infrastructure will also be off, in preparation for possible damage 
> and the expected loss of power following Hurricane Frances.
> As soon as possible, this system will be returned to operation.  I 
> don't have an expected time, but I would expect it to be Monday or 
> Tuesday (assuming our campuses are still standing).  As soon as it's 
> returned to service, I will send out an email via your respective list 
> to let you know we're back in operation.
> Thanks for your patience and understanding.
> Joel
> Joel D. Burrow
> jburrow at valenciacc.edu
> Information Technology
> Valencia Community College
> Office:  (407) 582-1819
> Cell:  (407) 491-2864
> Yahoo Messenger:  joel_vcc_oit
> http://valenciacc.edu/oit


 From Alysse Rasmussen:
> Well, we've got another hurricane headed our way ... looking meaner & 
> bigger than ever :(   SO, there may be some disruption of service.  I 
> just wanted to give you a "heads up" ... just go ahead and post as 
> normal, but if you stop getting responses, don't think that you got 
> kicked ... the powers that be may just have turned off the server to 
> make sure that lightening doesn't get it. Alysse


Val ;-)
Sutton at SignWriting.org

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