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Discussion on Irish Sign Language - from Ethnologue:

In 1816 British signs were brought in. In 1846 Irish signs developed in the girls' school, in 1857 Irish signs brought into the boys' school. Related to French Sign Language. There are informal male and female sign systems. Females learn the male system during dating and marriage. The informal system is referred to as 'Deaf Sign Language'. Irish Sign Language is a new unified system, a manual code for English. It has structural features such as directional verbs. It has influenced sign languages in South Africa and Australia. It originated between 1846-1849. Several deaf schools with 750 to 800 students in each. There is a committee on national sign language, and an organization for sign language teachers. TV.

Discussion on British Sign Language - from Ethnologue (apparently BSL is also used in Northern Ireland while Eire (Ireland) uses Irish Sign Language.

RegionUnited Kingdom including Northern Ireland, Scotland. Alternate names  BSLClassificationDeaf sign language.CommentsNot inherently intelligible to users of ASL. The deaf community is cohesive, so communication is good despite regional differences. However, there are many reports of different sign languages which are inherently unintelligible to users as close as approximately every 50 miles. Good regional and national organizations for the deaf. Signed interpretation is required in court, and provided in some other situations. Sign language instruction for parents of deaf children. Many sign language classes for hearing people. There is an organization for sign language teachers. There is a committee on national sign language. Sign language was used before 1644. Deaf schools were established in the late 18th century. There is increasing desire to train deaf children in BSL. British Signed English is different from American Signed English. Dictionary. Grammar. Films, TV, !

Trevor Jenkins <trevor.jenkins at SUNEIDESIS.COM> wrote:
On Wed, 8 Sep 2004, Sandy Fleming wrote:

> It should be the Union Jack since, unlike English, BSL is indigenous to the
> whole of the UK.

You sure about that? North Ireland (a constituent part of the UK) surely
uses IRL.

> Sandy
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> > Sandy-
> > At the bottom of SignPuddle pages, you can click on a tiny flag to
> > change countries. Stephen used the tiny flag for England (or Great
> > Britain). When you click on that flag, it will take you to the BSL
> > page...Meanwhile, I was using the flag for UK on other web pages...We
> > need to coordinate our web pages so we are using the same flag to
> > represent BSL...Which flag do you choose? ...smile ...Val ;-)
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Regards, Trevor

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