[sw-l] Positioning on the Body

Sandy Fleming sandy at FLEIMIN.DEMON.CO.UK
Thu Sep 9 17:21:07 UTC 2004

Hi Stefan!

> At first I did not understand the term "Caesarean birth" but when I looked
> at your handwritten SW-graphic I understood perfectly!!

Yes, I like these sort of graphic signs - such a big help when you meet
people who speak different sign languages! In BSL I don't think we rely on
English terms very much, unless there just isn't an obvious sign for

> surgery - the thumb goes from left to right indicating the cut of
> the knife!

Is this a graphic or a conventional sign for surgery? I used to do nursing
and seem to remember Caesarian cuts as vertical. Also there was a big
discussion of Caesarian sections at a local Deaf Club a while ago and I
don't remember anything that contradicted my sign.

> What about your sign? hm - back of a-hand hand upward - moves
> downward while
> the thumb is rubbing   "cutting"  -
> and afterwards birth?


> Birth you write hands up  palm facing forward - but no curve - ?? Do you
> want it this way?

Oops, sorry! I completely forgot hand orientation marks! See new version of
sign attached. Perhaps a slight curve on the arrows would be better, I'm not
sure. A natural birth would perhaps have more of a curve.

Sandy Fleming
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