[sw-l] Movement Writer alpha release

Bill Reese wreese01 at TAMPABAY.RR.COM
Mon Sep 13 14:30:29 UTC 2004

I am on an XP Pro machine.  I tested in Netscape 7.1, Firefox 0.9.2, and
IE 6.0.2800.   IE didn't show anything.  Netscape and Firefox showed the
boxes.  I could select the images with a mouse, but once the selected
graphic was inserted in the composing box, I had no ability to move them
around or drag and drop.   Also, there was no keyboard ability.


Stephen Slevinski wrote:

>Hi List,
>I need some feedback.  I have a new application that I'm working on.  It's
>called Movement Writer, written in Javascript.
>It uses the IMWA and supports keyboard entry along with the mouse.
>I never learned to type with SignWriter, so I made up my own system of
>typing.  Only the US keyboard is currently supported, but I can support any
>keyboard if you are willing to give me a few minutes of your time.  I will
>also be able to support subsets of the IMWA when they are defined.
>Opening the page, you'll notice two 3x3 grids.  One for the left hand and
>one for the right hand.  The hand position is the same as touch typing.  The
>left index finger is placed on the "F" and the right index finger is placed
>on the "J".  The pinky is not used for typing.  The middle fingers represent
>the middle for each grid.  If you are familiar with using a number pad, the
>idea is the same.
>It takes up to 5 keystrokes to select each symbol.  After the symbol is
>selected, the symbol must be placed.  The arrows represent the direction of
>placement in the sign box.  The first arrow selection is a gross placement:
>top, bottom, left, or right.  The middle key can also be used to represent
>the center.  The second arrow selection is a fine placement. Try is a few
>times and you should get the hang of it.
>After the symbols are placed in the sign box, you can use drag and drop to
>move the symbols around.
>This is just a proof of concept.  I will be adding some of this
>functionality to Sign Puddle.
>Movement Writer does have several limitation.  Only one sign can be created
>at a time and it can not be saved.  Some handshapes have more than 16
>variations; only the first 16 can currently be selected.
>If anyone is feeling adventurous, I'd love some feedback.
>Thanks for your time,
>-Stephen Slevinski
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