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September 15, 2004

> Anny in French-Switzerland wrote:
>> Siv Fosshaug , Viviane Boson (a deaf adult from the french speaking
>> part of Switzerland) and I just finished a 2 days workshop on
>> signwriting for the deaf signa language teachers and sign language
>> interpreters... It was great and lots of participants  are motivated
>> to continue using and developping Sw for the swiss french sign
>> language.
>> I asked Siv if I could create a dictionnary for swiss-french sign
>> language but there seems to be a problem with the numbers...
>> - 041 is already taken by swiss-german sign language
>> - o33 is already taken for LSF (France)
>> What would you suggest?


Hello Anny, Siv and Viviane in French Switzerland!
Congratulations on your SignWriting workshop. I am glad it went
well....and we look forward to hearing more from you on the SW List!

You can create new dictionaries at any time, with new names. The
dictionary does not have to be named the country code. So within the
German version or the USA version or ANY version of SignWriter DOS, you
could create your own dictionary for your special signs. How?

1. Start SignWriter DOS...
You are now on the opening screen. There are words at the bottom of the
screen (called command words) (see attached diagram)...The words will
be in different languages, depending on the version you are using...

If you are working with the US version in English:

2. Type Alt-S (for Setup command).
3. Type D (for Dictionary).
4. Type the new name for a new dictionary file, for example: Verbs.
5. Press Return. Then Y for Yes.
6. The active dictionary is now named Verbs. It is a blank dictionary.
7. Now you will always be accessing the Verb dictionary, no matter what
document you start in SignWriter. You can add signs to it.
8. You can switch to other dictionaries any time, but repeating this

I hope this helps! Val ;-)

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