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Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod girodmarc at VTX.CH
Wed Sep 15 19:39:33 UTC 2004

Dear Valerie

Thank you so much for your help... see my answer in your mail below:
Le 15 sept. 04, à 18:12, Valerie Sutton a écrit :

> SignWriting List
> September 15, 2004
>> Anny in French-Switzerland wrote:
>>> Siv Fosshaug , Viviane Boson (a deaf adult from the french speaking
>>> part of Switzerland) and I just finished a 2 days workshop on
>>> signwriting for the deaf signa language teachers and sign language
>>> interpreters... It was great and lots of participants  are motivated
>>> to continue using and developping Sw for the swiss french sign
>>> language.
>>> I asked Siv if I could create a dictionnary for swiss-french sign
>>> language but there seems to be a problem with the numbers...
>>> - 041 is already taken by swiss-german sign language
>>> - o33 is already taken for LSF (France)
>>> What would you suggest?
> ---------------------------
> Hello Anny, Siv and Viviane in French Switzerland!
> Congratulations on your SignWriting workshop. I am glad it went
> well....and we look forward to hearing more from you on the SW List!
> ;-)
> You can create new dictionaries at any time, with new names. The
> dictionary does not have to be named the country code. So within the
> German version or the USA version or ANY version of SignWriter DOS,
> you could create your own dictionary for your special signs. How?
WOW wonderful!! that's all I needed to know!
> 1. Start SignWriter DOS...
> You are now on the opening screen. There are words at the bottom of
> the screen (called command words) (see attached diagram)...The words
> will be in different languages, depending on the version you are
> using...
> If you are working with the US version in English:
That's the one I use beacause my german is not that good! (Daniel
Noelpp installed the US and the swiss german version for me in my
computer...)... and I already tried theses command... but I didn't know
what I was doing wrong... and how to access my dictionnary then!!
thanks for your help
> 2. Type Alt-S (for Setup command).
> 3. Type D (for Dictionary).
> 4. Type the new name for a new dictionary file, for example: Verbs.
> 5. Press Return. Then Y for Yes.
> 6. The active dictionary is now named Verbs. It is a blank dictionary.
> 7. Now you will always be accessing the Verb dictionary, no matter
> what document you start in SignWriter. You can add signs to it.
> 8. You can switch to other dictionaries any time, but repeating this
> process.
> I hope this helps! Val ;-)
OHHHHH yes it does help!
THANK you Valerie!

I'll give you some more news soon

> <newdict.gif>

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