[sw-l] Please test new SignMaker with Drag and Drop

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Wed Sep 22 17:09:01 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
September 22, 2004

GREAT NEWS! The SignMaker drag and drop features work beautifully in
the following Mac browsers:

1. Mac Safari
2. Mac Netscape

Sadly, it does not work in these Mac browsers:

3. Mac Internet Explorer
4. Mac Opera

Internet Explorer on the Mac is having problems with the mouse action.
The mouse problem did not exist on any of the other browsers. I click
on a symbol with the mouse, and basically, it freezes...on the mac
nothing really freezes...it just closes the program...or there is a
twirling ball that just keeps twirling and never does anything...

On Mac Opera, which is a popular browser in Europe, the SignPuddle
icons at top and side show up, but nothing shows up in the SignMaker
program...no symbols are listed, no sign box...literally blank where
the Signmaker program should be...I need to update Opera to a better
version, so maybe that will solve the problem...

So Stephen, at this point the Mac is working on two out of four
browsers ;-)))

Please see attached diagram from Netscape on the Mac...I created a sign
Thank You.... Val ;-)

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