[sw-l] Brazilian SignMaker Prototype...Please Test....

Charles Butler chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM
Thu Sep 23 20:41:43 UTC 2004

I just tested it on "tigre" which uses stuff from four of the five categories.  Easy to manipulate, excellent graphics.


Valerie Sutton <sutton at signwriting.org> wrote:
SignWriting List
September 22, 2004

Dear SW List:
An old friend just re-joined our SignWriting List:

Vin�cius Costa de Souza
viniciuscs at unisinos.br

Computer Mastering Student
Unisinos University - Brazil

Welcome Vinicius!
The message you posted to the List, tried to post before you had
re-joined, so it bounced because it said you were not a member of the
List...now you are, and that is great!

So here is the message Vinicius just posted to us...about a new program
in Brazil...congratulations! And I look forward to testing it....and I
hope others will too...Val ;-)


Vinicius wrote today:

> Hi list,
> I am working in a Brazilian SignMaker prototype also. It is part of a
> project called Sign WebMessage.
> Currently it works in MS IE only.
> You can test it at:
> http://www.inf.unisinos.br/~swm/criar_sinal3.php
> In briefing a new optimized and cross browser version will be ready.
> Give it a try and let me know.
> Thanks,
> Vin�cius Costa de Souza
> Computer Mastering Student
> Unisinos University - Brazil
> http://www.unisinos.br

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