[sw-l] We need your help to re-add signs in SignPuddle

Charles Butler chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM
Tue Sep 28 14:19:57 UTC 2004

I'll try to start as soon as possible, and this time get it right.  I have some signs in an excel file that I started sorting by SSS myself as i don't have signbank on my computer (I'm typing this on my computer at work, and don't have the legal right to load software on this computer).


Valerie Sutton <sutton at signwriting.org> wrote:
SignWriting List
September 27, 2004

Hello Charles and Everyone -

Charles Butler wrote:
> I entered most of them in Sign Maker to begin with.  Is this something
> new and different?
> Charles

Yes. Stephen has re-programmed SignMaker into something really
historic. It is no longer seeing the signs as graphics, but as symbols,
just like our letters in the English alphabet are considered text or
symbols, rather than graphics...

So any new signs you add now, will automatically have this information
that makes it more like a language, and it means that we will be able
to sort by SSS later, because of this new design. But the old signs
that are there, will have to be re-entered into SignMaker to give every
sign the SSS information...

Actually you do not have that many signs yet in your Brazilian dict and
I have a complete backup on my computer just in case.

Do not panic if you go up to your Brazilian dictionary and you find
only a few signs there...That is only because I am working on your new
dictionary...ok? And in time everything will be back just as before,
but better!!

I will write later to tell you when I start and when I
finish...smile...Thanks for your patience!

Val ;-)

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