[sw-l] Re: Country and Language Codes, and standardization with ISO

Stuart Thiessen sw at PASSITONSERVICES.ORG
Tue Sep 28 17:27:43 UTC 2004

Yep, it is an easy objection. :)  We could do that if the WFD would be
interested in working on this.  I suspect that this is very low priority
for WFD. I would also say that when and if it becomes a higher priority
for national and international deaf organizations, then we should
certainly invite them into the process. I am simply leery of waiting for
things to trickle down through the organizational processes of national
and international organizations before it is ready for our use. I think
this kind of standardization is important to the process. If we design
things right and look for neutral and respectful solutions, it should be
acceptable ... and if it ends up not being acceptable, it should be
relatively easy to change.

Just my thoughts,


dparvaz at MAC.COM wrote:

> This is an easy objection, in that it costs nothing to have me make
> it, and it has the advantage of sounding almost noble (two for one!):
> Has anyone thought of including actual Deaf people -- not just one or
> two Euro(-American) ones, but a real international body? I'm sure the
> good folks of the WFD could come up with a committee to consider this
> an other proposals, and make a recommendation to ISO.
> -Dan.

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