[sw-l] SWML-S export for Sign Puddle

Stephen Slevinski slevin at PUDL.INFO
Wed Sep 29 00:34:42 UTC 2004

Hi list,

Becasue of the internal changes with SignMaker, it is now possible to export
the Sign Puddle dictionary into SWML-S.  This export utility will only work
for signs that were created with the new SignMaker.  Sorry for all the past
signs - poor design choices.

SWML-S stands for SignWriting Markup Langauge - Simple.  Any application
that wants to import a Sign Puddle dictionary now has a simple way to do it.
SWML-S was created to work with the IMWA.  It does not work with sss-95 or

I've made a hidden page that exports SWML-S for all of the dictionaries.
The page is called swml.php

You can access the page by:
dictionary-location /swml.php


There are currently no applications that import or export SWML-S.  But I do
have a preview utility on oculog.net.  You can view it here:

If you copy the code from the swml.php and paste it into the preview
utility, you can verify that SWML-S will work and your dictionary is


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