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Ah, Steven, does this mean that I can list multiple names under "definition" comma delimited?  It would save a lot of time.  I'd been putting "definitions" as "English" definitions rather than Portuguese in the Brazilian sign language dictionary, but conceivably it would be better to have, for example"

rapaz-1 and have as meaning "menino, moca, rapaz" all of which are different Portuguese words for lad, boy, male youth, etc.

is that what you mean by this response.


Stephen Slevinski <slevin at PUDL.INFO> wrote:
Hi Ant�nio Carlos,

The ASL (sgn-US) sign for lunch is a combination of "eat" and "noon". This
is an example of multiple signs being represented by a single gloss. Using
a signbox would look like:



This sign can be correctly displayed for horizontal or verticle writing.

This type of gloss doesn't work with Sign Puddle. The sign will not display
correctly in verticle writing if the sign is entered into the dictionary
horizontally. (and vice versa)

The combination sign should not be entered, and the individual parts should
be entered. When using the translation, the individual glosses should be
used. So "eat noon" should be used to get the correct ASL for lunch. I
would assume that the sign for "lunch" in Sign Puddle would be the
efficiency L to the chin; a single sign.

This is another design flaw for Sign Puddle: One gloss to one sign. The
actual relationship is "many glosses to one sign" and as you correctly point
out "one gloss to many signs".

BTY, SWML-S can handle "many glosses to one sign". The gloss parameter for
the sign element accepts a comma seperated list.


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Great work! SWML-S is really simple! :-) It will be easy to make it
interoperable with any other dialect of SWML that uses IMWA.

I have just one suggestion that, of course, you may follow or not,
according to the needs of your project. It may be necessary, for more
extensive uses of dictionaries, to have one gloss in an oral language to
be translated into more than one sign, in the sign language.

So, perhaps it will be useful to explicitly introduce sign-boxes in
SWML-S, to be able to clearly separate those signs. I mention this
because one possible reading of your XML format is that you are
implicitly using a sign-box, encompassing the set of symbols. Allowing
explicitly for more than one sign-box may be helpful in this sense.

Of course, the decision is yours. SignPuddle demonstrates by itself
you don't need advices to do a great job :-)

All the best,

Ant�nio Carlos

Stephen Slevinski wrote:

> Hi list,
> Becasue of the internal changes with SignMaker, it is now possible to
> the Sign Puddle dictionary into SWML-S. This export utility will only
> for signs that were created with the new SignMaker. Sorry for all the
> signs - poor design choices.
> SWML-S stands for SignWriting Markup Langauge - Simple. Any application
> that wants to import a Sign Puddle dictionary now has a simple way to do
> SWML-S was created to work with the IMWA. It does not work with sss-95 or
> sss-99.
> I've made a hidden page that exports SWML-S for all of the dictionaries.
> The page is called swml.php
> You can access the page by:
> dictionary-location /swml.php
> Examples...
> http://www.signbank.org/signpuddle/SGN-US/swml.php
> http://www.signbank.org/signpuddle/SGN-BR/swml.php
> http://www.signbank.org/signpuddle/SGN-WO/swml.php
> http://www.signbank.org/signpuddle/sgn-CH-fr/swml.php
> There are currently no applications that import or export SWML-S. But I
> have a preview utility on oculog.net. You can view it here:
> http://oculog.net/swml/dump.php
> If you copy the code from the swml.php and paste it into the preview
> utility, you can verify that SWML-S will work and your dictionary is
> portable.
> Enjoy,
> -Stephen
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