SignWriting in Mobile Phones

Aisha Shamsuna Ahmed kcx4aas at NOTTINGHAM.EDU.MY
Mon Aug 1 06:58:58 UTC 2005

Hello Nana,
That really helps. Thanks a lot.
Guess I'll probably get back to you with some more questions later.

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Dear Aisha,
Here in the Philippines we would also vote YES, we are very much
interested in using SW on the mobile phones. We are just at the
beginning with sign writing so there are not many users yet, but the
numbers will be growing over the next few months and years, we are
So it would be wonderful to have this option, especially for the not
well educated deaf (those that have access to higher education her in
the Philippines tend to prefer English for writing, especially in the
Manila area), but in the provinces and among those who are struggling
with English - which are many - SW in general and SW on mobile phones
will be very useful.
Hope that helps,

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Hello Valerie and SW list members,

It's me Aisha again! A postgraduate student from University of
Nottingham in Malaysia.
I'd really appreciate it if you all could answer these questions as
soon as possible (my project 
deadline is in the middle of Sep). It would help the research I am
and your responses would also determine if I should go ahead with this
project or not.

Would you be interested in SignWriting with Mobile Phones?
For instance, sending messages to others, viewing your e-mails,
documents, reading articles etc; all of which are written in Signs.

Please I would really appreciate your immediate responses.

Thanks again.

I think when I am done with this project, I would love to become a
of the SW list. I am from Nigeria and I think I would like to be
involved in 
writing signs for the Nigerian Sign Language.

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