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Mon Aug 1 13:56:28 UTC 2005

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August 1, 2005

Hello Eyasu and Everyone!
Thank you for caring. We will have the proceedings of the SignWriting  
Sympoisum in Europe, published on our web site. Right now I am  
preparing the web area. You can see the beginning of it now:

SignWriting in Europe

but it is not finished yet....When we have photos and writings about  
the proceedings posted, I will tell you

And you are right, Eyasu, that it will be very valuable for the world  
to read about the presentations at the Symposium!

I hope the First European SignWriting Symposium can serve as a model  
for other Symposiums to start in the Americas, Africa and the Far  
East someday...

Val ;-)


On Aug 1, 2005, at 1:30 AM, eyasu tamene wrote:

Dear Stefan,

Sorry for the misunderstanding. Let me make myself clear. What I mean  
by the proceedings was any printed handouts, written presentations by  
the presenters of the ESWO. Because It might help to understand where  
Signwriting has reached.


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