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Hello Val and SW List,
>From the e-mail that you wrote to Hope I realized that we have kind of a
similar problem: Or files so far are also in SW DOS 4.4. Just today we
made a contract with a provider here and now (I think we can use it
starting tonight) we will have unlimited internet access. So I want to
start using the dictionary for Filipino Sign Language in SignPuddle. The
only thing that bothered me so far is that it seemed such a hassle to
enter all our signs again. Did I understand correctly that there might
be a possibility of sending you our DOS files and you could somehow put
them into our SignPuddle? If that is right, could you please tell me how
to get the dictionary files from DOS into an e-mail that I could send to
you and what else I need to do (if anything?). It would be a big help
for us if we just had to enter the new signs and not those that we put
into the DOS so far (there are about 440 signs). 
Steve and Dianne sent us their SW Lessons in English and we started to
adapt them for the Philippines - this is really a great tool, the more
we get into it the more we are impressed at how easy it makes teaching
SW and how everything builds on something else. I think SignPuddle will
also be a big help for adapting this book, since it lets us search by
symbols, is that right?
Well, enough for now,
Have a good day everyone,
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August 4, 2005
Hello Hope, and Everyone -
Thank you for telling me that your files are in SignWriter DOS. I
suggest that you continue to use SignWriter DOS, since you do not have a
steady and reliable internet connection. 
You need to access the internet to use SignPuddle. There is a way to
download a portion of SignPuddle, called SignText, but I personally have
never used it off the internet, since SignPuddle was made for the
So when the day comes, that you have fast and reliable internet service,
you can use SignPuddle...I know you will enjoy it and be amazed how easy
it is to use...
Until that time, let me help you use SignWriter DOS...Did you have
problems with the software? I cannot remember...Val ;-)
On Aug 4, 2005, at 3:48 PM, Hope Hurlbut wrote:

Dear Valerie,
Yes, I am still using the old DOS  program (4.4 isn't it?). 
How do I attach files from DOS to an e-mail?  It would be wonderful if
they could be put into another program.  Thank you for offering to do
In a couple of days I am going to an immersion program in ASL (strictly
no speaking!!).  After that I will be away in the USA for about 10 days,
but will be taking my computer with me. 
My friend in Baton Rouge is a computer nerd, so can help me with getting
going working on the files, if only they could be attached to an e-mail
to you, and entered into SignPuddle.,
As I told you before I have a problem with using the internet too much,
as I am using my niece's phone line. (She is away just now.)  Do I have
to do all my work in SignPuddle on-line?  There is only one line in this
house, so I don't think that would work out.  I will only be here for a
couple of more months, so cannot have another line put in.
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August 4, 2005
Message from Hope Hurlbut, August 4, 2005
I took a look at the site for Taiwan SIgn Language that you  supplied.
My Chinese is not good enough to put in the romanized Chinese,
especially as my dictionary is far away (in Malaysia)!!
I already have two files (one full, the other almost full) of the forms
in Taiwan Sign Language that I have input so far.  Can I transfer or
copy these files to SignPuddle?
I give each word the corresponding number to my original word list, then
the ENglish gloss, then all the different forms that are in the
dictionary (up to 10 or 12 per ENglish gloss). Some of the Deaf gave me
up to 3 alternate signs for one word in Chinese.
Can I also transfer the existing dictionary into SIgnPuddle?
I forgot to bring any of my SignWriter materials with me Canada, so I
have no resources here!  I had to make up my own charts before I started
to do the inputting a couple of weeks ago.  It is not easy to remember
which alphabetic or numeric key contains which symbol, so I had to go
through them one by one, and write them down for reference!
Hello Hope!
Thanks for this message. You mention two files above. What computer
program are the two files written in? Are they SignWriter DOS files?
SignWriter Java files? I need to know what the format is for the files.
Can you send the two files to me, attached to an email message?
Although I am pretty sure you cannot automatically transfer the
dictionary into SignPuddle, I believe I could convert all the signs into
PNGs with another program, if your dictionary is in SignWriter DOS...and
then we might be able to put them into SignPuddle for you...so at least
you do not have to re-enter all those signs..it would be nice to have
some signs in the Taiwan SignPuddle!
Taiwan SignPuddle
So please write again to tell me what program you are using...
Plus, you could try to add the new signs into SignPuddle...when you feel
ready, I will be glad to teach you how to do that...
Val ;-)
Valerie Sutton
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