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I can also sympathize, Nana, as I have about 750 Libras signs to put in slowly the same way.  When sign puddle first went up, they weren't being stored in searchable files, so I'm still having to go through one by one.  It will be done--eventually (smile).

Nana Dumitra <nana.dumitra at SCHLOSSKLAUS.AT> wrote:

Dear Val, 

Thanks for letting me know. Yes, it is a bit disappointing, but we definitely want to be able to sort by SSS. So we will just go slowly J.




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August 5, 2005


Nana Dumitra wrote:

>From the e-mail that you wrote to Hope I realized that we have kind of a similar problem: Or files so far are also in SW DOS 4.4. Just today we made a contract with a provider here and now (I think we can use it starting tonight) we will have unlimited internet access. So I want to start using the dictionary for Filipino Sign Language in SignPuddle. The only thing that bothered me so far is that it seemed such a hassle to enter all our signs again. Did I understand correctly that there might be a possibility of sending you our DOS files and you could somehow put them into our SignPuddle? If that is right, could you please tell me how to get the dictionary files from DOS into an e-mail that I could send to you and what else I need to do (if anything?). It would be a big help for us if we just had to enter the new signs and not those that we put into the DOS so far (there are about 440 signs). Steve and Dianne sent us their SW Lessons in English and we started to adapt them fo!
 r the
 Philippines – this is really a great tool, the more we get into it the more we are impressed at how easy it makes teaching SW and how everything builds on something else. I think SignPuddle will also be a big help for adapting this book, since it lets us search by symbols, is that right?



Hello Nana!

Bravo! I am so glad you have a better internet connection! Unlimited access is great. Do you know if you have broadband? Broadband, as you know, is a faster connection than dial-up modem....Anyway, no matter what, this is great news ;-)


You will not regret having better internet access. I am glad it is available in your area...


Now, regarding transferring your DOS files. Although technically it could be done, there is a big problem with it. Anything that is not entered directly into SignPuddle from the beginning, cannot be sorted by symbols, or copied, pasted, edited etc. In other words, the new SignPuddle , with all its modern features, can only give you those new features, if you enter the signs from the beginning, directly into SignPuddle. So if you want to sort dictionaries by Sign-Symbol-Sequence later, then you need to enter them one by one into SignPuddle now, I am sorry to say...


And we have an awful mess in our ASL SignPuddle, because some of the signs were entered from the beginning and some were pasted in as graphics from the old DOS dictionary, and those old DOS signs cannot be sorted or edited, so we are slowly trying to re-enter them one by one ourselves...


In the long run, you will be happy not to have the old DOS signs in there... Val ;-)

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