SignWriter DOS is 20 years old ;-)

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August 7, 2005

On Aug 7, 2005, at 1:43 PM, Hope Hurlbut wrote:
The only problem I have been having is that when I use the caps lock,  
sometimes it changes the mode so that lower case becomes upper case  
and vice versa.  In fact sometimes,but not always, it has 3 modes  
which is very irritating, as one never knows if it will change or  
not, and when it will change to a different mode.  It is very  
inconsistent. Love, Hope

Hello Hope and Everyone -
Regarding using SignWriter DOS on our modern computers today...Yes.  
You are correct. Sometimes, on some modern keyboards, it seems that  
the keys work strangely. I didn't realize that Caps Lock would work  
at all, on SignWriter DOS. My memory was that we were not supposed to  
use the Caps Lock...It would be better to just use Shift or not Shift.

In fact sometimes people would use the Caps Lock, and the whole  
keyboard would freeze and they would have to re-boot...

SignWriter DOS was never a program that focused on spoken language  
typing. It has three modes: to type signs, fingerspelling and spoken  
languages...but the latter is just the barest minimum for typing a  
few glosses or a few paragraphs, but not for heavy word processing...

Considering the age of SignWriter DOS (it is 20 years old this year),  
it is amazing to me that it functions at all on modern machines! I am  
glad it is working for you, Hope...

Have you ever tried SignWriter Python or SignWriter Java?

Go to this web page to download:

And if you have Taiwan signs, at some point I would like to add some  
to SignPuddle would be nice to have more than two Taiwan  
signs there! smile

Val ;-)

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