Over 300 photos from Symposium on the web...

Barbara Pennacchi barbara.pennacchi at ISTC.CNR.IT
Mon Aug 8 11:41:04 UTC 2005

> The photos in the gallery need to get the proper captions so I will need  
> help later to find the exact names of everyone...there are a few I have  
> never met -

This is me (barbara pennacchi, from Roma, Italy):  

I admit I'm not really looking at my best, but belgian coffee just doesn't  
wake me up for real. :)

This is the other participant from Roma, Italy and his name is Alessio di  

(He's less coffee-dipendent than me, this is for sure)

Soon I'll finish the translation in english of a small report on the  
ESWS2005 we wrote for our "employers". Where do you want me to send it to?  
To Valerie for hanging it in the website or to the mailing list for  
everybody to see it?


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