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August 9, 2005

Geoffrey Hunt wrote:
> Receptive is as the observer sees the sign and Expressive is as the  
> signer signs it.  In
> Expressive, the right hand is on the right-hand side of the sign...

Hello Geoffrey and Everyone!
Thank you for answering this question. Your answer is correct! Please  
see the picture attached.

Soon I will be showing everyone handshapes that are used in Ethiopia,  
and some of those handshapes are very new to westerners. We will be  
discussing how we write them, from BOTH the Receptive and Expressive  
points of view.

Did you know that SignWriting did not begin in the United States? It  
began in Denmark. I wrote my first signs in Danish Sign Language at  
the University of Copenhagen in 1974. I wrote them by watching a  
videotape. The signers were facing me, in the videotape, so I started  
writing signs, in 1974, in the Receptive View, because that was what  
I saw on the videotape...

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