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Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Tue Aug 9 21:11:54 UTC 2005

Hi Valerie, 

so you could use the fotos for a great presentation!! smile!! 

There is a very interesting story behind the pictures of Ingvild in the
hallway with other participants. We took the chance to get in touch with
many of them. We did some research on signs names as they are used by the
DEAF people themselves in their countries! 

"Photo: Ingvild Roald from Norway (sitting). Kazuhiko Otsuka from Japan

On this picture  for example we learn some signs from a man from Japan -
just curious - how did you mange to get to know his

Anyway - all the people that we contacted showed great interest in our
SignWriting - notes. Thus they got first hand impression on how easy it can
be to preserve visual information. On the other hand they got an idea about
our way to look at the various parameters of a sign. 

After we wrote the sign - we performed it again following our spelling. If
they agreed everything was fine and big smiles on our faces. 

On the picture we learn the sign for TOKIO  ( sun is rising!) 

It has been a great experience and Ingvild and me we have had lots of fun
and success -- right Ingvild?   smile 

Stefan ;-) 

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SignWriting List
August 9, 2005

New Web posting on ICED Conference

SignWriting at ICED 2005

I need your feedback...

1. Are the captions correct on the photos?

2. Stefan and Kathleen and Sara...Do we have permission to post your  
abstracts or other writings regarding your specific presentations at  
Maastricht? Right now, your links go to your other work, as I do not  
have copies of your abstracts etc...

When you have permission to post those, please tell me..

3. Stefan - Do you have any photos of your presentation at ICED?...I  
only have one right ;-)

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