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August 9, 2005

>> One hand is a fist, with the thumb resting on top (like the  
>> american "A", sign, but the thumg is not onthe side, but ontop)
>>  Then the two fingers of the other hand make little "walking"  
>> movements over the thumb. (like signing for little person  
>> walkingover thumb)
>> The "legs" walk and touch the nail until the first knuckle.
>>  How do you "SignWrite" That?
>>  Antony


Antony -
Thanks for this message. It is a hard sign, but fun to write! It  
doesn't help you any, if someone else writes this for you. So I will  
help you step by step...Let's find the A hand first...

1. Go to your SignPuddle for Australia:

2. Click on the SignMaker icon....

3. The handshapes are divided into 10 groups. (see attached diagram).  
You want the A hand, or the 10 Hand, with the thumb....That handshape  
is in group 10.Click on Group 10, and then find the handshape you  
need...drag it into your Sign Box.

When you get that far, write again and we can do the other hand...

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