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August 10, 2005

On Aug 10, 2005, at 2:34 AM, Nana Dumitra wrote:
I am still thinking about the private lesson. That was a great  
surprise!! Probably it will be something with using SW with DOS box  
on Windows xp. I do have XP now and need to get DOS box downloaded.  
Once I have it I will probably have a clearer idea what my needs are.  
Or maybe Signbank? I will think about it some more and then let you  
know, but in the meantime: Thank you very much!


Hello Nana!
You do not have to have a lesson if it is not right for you, plus  
there is no rush at all...Just an offer.

And unfortunately, Nana, I cannot teach you DosBox, since I do not  
use it. I run SignWriter DOS directly in PC DOS, on Virtual PC on a  
Mac, and I have never used DOS Box myself, because I don't need it...

My lessons are on the symbols themselves...on SignWriting, or  
Movement Writing.

It is very easy to have a private lesson with me. You don't have to  
think up a lesson at all...You send me one of your SignWriting  
documents, and I will correct it privately. Then I can call you, or  
we can write back and forth, discussing the different symbols and why  
I might write a few signs differently...

Here are some of the topics I can teach:

Private Lessons with Valerie Sutton on writing movement

Val ;-)

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