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August 11, 2005

Eyasu Tamene wrote:
> Then after, I think he is Stefen who raised the right question on  
> Expressive and Receptive way of Signing...

Hello Eyasu and Stefan!
Yesterday Stefan telephoned me to tell me that you both are working  
together on writing and illustrating the Ethiopian Manual  
Alphabet......That is wonderful news...I am so happy about this!

I will leave this work to you both now...Once the two of you decide  
what is needed for Ethiopian Sign Language, if you find symbols that  
are not in the IMWA, you can tell me at that time, and I will be  
happy to add them for you.

This frees me to return to adding more Movement Symbols to the  
IMWA...which I have wanted to do for months...

Did you know that Stefan is an expert on creating TrueType fonts (TT  
fonts) with a program called Fontographer? Stefan and Steve Parkhurst  
(in Spain) have both created their own TrueType fonts, and both  
Stefan and Steve are also illustrators. They have the ability to do  
life-like drawings of hands etc. The Fontographer program was  
designed for people who are it is not surprising  
that Stefan became so skilled at Fontographer. It is a program I  
would personally never want to thank goodness Steve and  
Stefan have those skills! ;-)

I am not exactly sure what you are both planning, but whatever you  
design, I hope you will send it to me when it is ready...tables,  
graphs etc of the Ethiopian handshapes...and I will post them on this  
new web page that I created for you:

SignWriting in Ethiopia

I know you asked me, Eyasu, to correct the numbers of the handshapes  
on this web page:

However, now I believe, if I have understood Stefan correctly, that  
you and Stefan are doing totally new drawings and TT fonts for the  
Ethiopian Manual Alphabet. So that web page will be replaced with a  
new one with your new art that you are creating together. If you go  
there right now, you will find it blank. The page is waiting for you  
to replace it with something better!

THANK YOU to you both, for all you are doing!

And we look forward to seeing your exciting new project...;-))

Val ;-)
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