other aspects of the Brussels symposium

Shane Ó hEorpa oheorpa-s at ULSTER.AC.UK
Sat Aug 13 16:56:18 UTC 2005


> And as you could see, I was the only participant from Central
> Europe. As far as I know, there was even no Polish participant
> at the congress in Maastricht. I regret so much that the countries
> of Central and Easter Europe are still isolated in the respect of
> educational innovations and science. I think the economic and
> mentalist aspects are the greatest obstacle here. 

Do not worry, Lucyna - Ireland was like that years ago - I ll say Northern
Ireland is like that at times - because of our very silly feuds with
Dublin's deaf leaders - and some deaf associations in Belfast are still
controlled from England.

It will change very soon - with more and more strong deaf leaders supported
by organisations like SLCB (my work), that will change - Poland will become
a true European country - and maybe you will be strong leaders in
Mitteleuropa in sign language rights and affairs - just give it time - just
give it the right direction :-)

That is why ESWO is very important - its to support European SignWriters.

SLCB my work hope to organize a European conference for Sign Language
Teachers etc - that is very important - but we will wait and see :D


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