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Mon Aug 15 01:28:38 UTC 2005

Hello, Maria,

I'm a hearing teacher at a college in Japan. One of my colleagues, a part-time lecturer of English is visiting Vietnam this week. She is hard-of-hearing Japanese and giving a workshop for dancing in Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Khoi sponsored by Nippon Foundation in Japan. After graduation from a college in Japan and some working experience, she went to the United States and studied at California State University Northridge. She signs ASL and International Sign Langage. I told her of you, and she is much interested in you and wishes to meet you.

I will send you her temporal address at the hotel by a direct mail, but for eceryone, here are her photos.

My photo is here (right, not left).
Thank you Val and Stefan!


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>Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005
>From: maria kim szubielski <luxeyes_girl at>
>my name is nguyen thi van anh , 21 year old and i am deaf full . i am  
>from vietnam, live in ha noi city before i worked as a dancer in ha  
>noi opera, mr vu long group . i know sign l systems from usa and  
>europe as well as asian systems. i like to learn to become a teacher  
>of sign language. but in vietnam there is no possibility of higher  
>education for deaf. that why i ask you about possibilities of  
>studying in that.  best regards, van anh
>Hello Van Anh!
>Thank you for this message. Do you want to come to Europe or the USA  
>to study in Deaf Education?
>Do you want to learn SignWriting on the internet right now? We can  
>help you learn through the internet.
>Can anyone on the SignWriting List help Van Anh, regarding Deaf  
>Education programs for higher learning?
>Val ;-)
>Valerie Sutton
>Sutton at
>1. SignWritingSite
>Read & Write Sign Languages
>2. SignBankSite
>Sign Language Dictionaries

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