When does school start again?

bwhite philcoe.bjwhite at COGECO.CA
Mon Aug 15 03:21:28 UTC 2005

I thought the first circle was THE and the second circle FUN.   ???


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August 14, 2005

  On Aug 14, 2005, at 6:57 PM, bwhite wrote:
    OOH..... so exciting.? I actually read this.? I got it.... ooh..... Taken long time, and don't think I can write it, but I read it..... ooh......Just took a couple of years.?? lol,??bw (Formerly in Sask, now in Ontario)

Hello Brenda, Stefan
and also Nana, who had sent an email in SignWriting too, but sent it to me privately ;-)

Glad you can read it, Brenda!?Here is Stefan's message. Can you see that there are two signs that I do not understand?...smile...I believe they are mis-SignSpellings, but you never know...maybe I don't know the signs themselves...? Can someone help...see attached diagram...I circles the two...Val ;-)

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