Suzanne Pach suzanne at BORDVOORJEKOP.NL
Mon Aug 15 09:25:05 UTC 2005

Hi Valerie,

Thank you for changing the name. Well, I'm not such an
expert of how we are called over the world, but Dutch
sounds the most natural to me (though of course it is a
bit strange, probably they just confused us with our
neighbours.. so then they had to be called german... :)


Ps Did anybody ever use SignWriting to write down juglling

> SignWriting List
> August 11, 2005
> For the Philippines and the Netherlands...
> I have now changed the names of your sign languages on the
> directory
> page of SignPuddle...other changes need to be made on
> other
> SignPuddle pages, but right now, this web page has been
> changed...
> (see attached diagram)
> SignPuddle Directory
> When I lived in Denmark, I had been told that I should
> never use the
> words Holland or Dutch...that the people of the
> Netherlands preferred
> the words ... the Netherlands ... so I dropped the words
> Holland and
> Dutch from my English it seems strange to
> call it
> Dutch Sign Language, but Suzanne of course knows best...I
> am only a
> foreigner when it comes to these names, and trends change
> too...I was
> told that, back in the 1970's!....So I am out-of-date...
> ;-)
> Val ;-)

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