When does school start again?

Ingvild Roald iroald at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Aug 16 11:05:08 UTC 2005

We stop schools around June 20th, and start about now. Universities too 
start now. We do have a winter holyday week, and in most places also a week, 
or least several days, in the autoumn. Easter is 10 days off. May is full of 
official holydays: May 1 (labor day),Acsecncion day (40days after Easter 
Suday), pentecost (with monday for all and most often tuesday too off for 
schools), May 17 (constitution day). So then there are exams and stuff after 
that, and then the summer holyday.

A full school year is 38 full weeks - 180 days

Classroom time for a teacher depends on school level and subject - I think 
now 22 to 15 lessons a week. The rest is preparation time, grading time, 
counseling time, being-ajour-wiyh-your-subject time, and report making time. 
A working week for a teacher is stipulated to 40-45 hours. The ususal 
working week in Norway is 37,5 hours. The usual holyday time, appart from 
the official holydays, is 5 weeks if you are under 60, 6 weeks if you have 
passed 60 years of age.


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>dear Buddha - are you Norwegians that keen to go back to school??? :o
>our schools close end of June and wont be open for 2 full months...you 
>drag the teachers out of their beds any time earlier than 1st September -
>they ll whine about their rights to have a decent holiday and all that - 
>I don’t blame them - trying to deal with 30 kids in their classrooms every
>Teachers in deaf schools do have an easier life - smaller class sizes!
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> > Our Norwegian schools start this week
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> > Ingvild
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