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Hello Stefan, Val and list,
For now – until I get to work on it :-) - you can go to the Filipino
SignPuddle. There are six signs that Val worked on with me: start, Nana,
June, Genesis, earth and Philippines. My homework was to re-do “school”,
which I posted today. At the moment there are two signs for each of
these words: the first one is my (Nana’s) attempt at writing and the
second one is from Val. I was really amazed that it is basically very
minimal changes that make the signs so much more “readable”.
Hope that helps,
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Hi Valerie and Nana, 
do you post the spellings you worked on somewhere? 
It is always  a pleasure to read signs that are “oficially proofed”
Stefan ;-)

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SignWriting List
August 16, 2005
Nana Dumitra from the Philippines wrote:
Thanks to a donation by Neil Bauman, I got SW membership again for this
year. What I did not know at that time was that now it comes with one
free private lesson with Val! I was excited, but didn’t really know what
I wanted to use the lesson for. Then she mailed the SW e-mail about when
school starts again, I wrote and answer in SW but by accident mailed it
to Val privately instead of the list. Now Val took the opportunity to
teach me more. It was really great! I could tell from my writing that it
looked different from what I saw e.g. in the ASL dictionary, but I did
not see where the “problem” was. Now Val graciously pointed out a basic
rule of SW and all of a sudden it makes more sense. She even put her
spelling suggestions into Filipino SignPuddle. I have not had time to
work on it, so maybe you want to take a look to see the differences! I
really enjoyed having Val check some of my writing and being able to
learn something. I am sure that will also be very good when teaching
others how to use SW. Thought I would let you all know, maybe you would
also enjoy a private lesson from Val. As far as I understand one comes
included in the membership, but then I think you can also get more for
additional payment, but Val probably knows more about that, right? After
I redo our signs, I will send my SW e-mail again, but this time to the
whole list so you can enjoy it, too.
Hello Nana and Neil!
Thanks to you both...
Neil...your funding is greatly appreciated!
And Nana, it was a joy for me to study and write some of the Filipino
signs with you...I really enjoyed the experience...It felt like I had
traveled to a distant
And you already know the SignWriting symbols well, I can see that. We
worked on writing the position of contact, which tightens up the
SignSpellings, making them more readable as a unit...This will help
Nana's translations of the Bible later, into Filipino Sign Language...
If anyone wants to know what it means to write the position of contact,
just ask! smile...
Val ;-)
Valerie Sutton
Sutton at
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2. SignBankSite
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