CZECH Writing arms and shoulders (SKOLA II - SCHOOL)

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Oh, yeah, Tomas, you're right, and our sign is very similar to yours, see our sign for SZKOLA!

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  ASL sign YOUNG is made on a chest, isn't it? SKOLA (school) is made in the left underarm.

  AFAIK the ethymology (origin) of the sign SKOLA... it is from putting a school-bag (looks little bit like a briefcase, or an attache) into your underarm, between your body and your arm. The right hand represents the bag.

  The right hand shape-orientation at the beginning is palm facing down, fingers and palm in 90 degrees and thumb is in free position (doesn't follow the hand).
  There is an axial movement in the wrist of the hand. It is movement back-under and then you touch your armpit. Then you do the movement and touch again.
  So your left arm should not be close to your body.

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