other aspects of the Brussels symposium

Shane Ó hEorpa oheorpa-s at ULSTER.AC.UK
Thu Aug 18 15:12:50 UTC 2005

Poland is always a European country anyway :) - it was great until the
Soviets came - and there was the big mess (the Iron Curtains and all that) -
but it wont be long before you lots are back in ur former position as true
europeans ;-)

You didn’t enter Europe - you are always in Europe.

Shane of Belfast

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> >It will change very soon - with more and more strong deaf leaders
> supported
> by organisations like SLCB (my work), that will change - Poland will
> become
> a true European country - and maybe you will be strong leaders in
> Mitteleuropa in sign language rights and affairs - just give it time -
> just
> give it the right direction :-)
> Sure, sure, all my life I hear of "entering Europe" :-)))
> Lucy

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