CZJ - Czech sign language: SKOLA (school) - video

Honza honza at RUCE.CZ
Thu Aug 18 20:35:41 UTC 2005

Hi Tomas and Charles,

Tomas: Vaclav Ptacek is not deaf but he is the most famous teacher of 
signED language in Czech Rep...

Charles: thanks for improving sign school. I have to ask others how many 
times it should be signed, but most people sign it two times.
As I know there is no rules for nouns and werbs.
Mostly both are signed twice. Only werb - if it is like -ing it is 
signed more times.
But in general all can sign more or less times if you feel you need to.


Charles Butler wrote:

> skola_4Looking at video, he moves his hand up 3 times. 
> ASL consistently does twice for a noun, does Czech do 3 times?
> I added this to Czech SignBank as skola_4.
> Charles
> */Tomáš Klapka <Tomas.Klapka at>/* wrote:
>     Sign SKOLA (school).
>     Signer's name is Vaclav Ptacek and he tought me SL ;-) He is deaf.
>     Tomáš

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