CZJ - Czech sign language: SKOLA (school) - video

Tomáš Klapka Tomas.Klapka at RUCE.CZ
Fri Aug 19 09:57:24 UTC 2005

Hi Charles

IMO it depends...

People often sign SKOLA twice and so do I. Some people can sign it once 
in a hurry and it is enough, because there is no other czech sign which 
can be confused with it.
Signer on the video is famous for his signed czech, so he doesn't always 
sign as deaf-born. You can see him articulate the word "skola" so I 
think he signs the sign threetimes because he signs it as long as long 
is the duration of the word articulation (that's my opinion).

Generally - In signed czech language I often see that the number of 
moves corresponds with the number of syllabels of the gloss 
(articulated) word (skola has two syllables... sko-la).
(I dont like it, but many hearing people do it /counting me - smile/)

I haven't noticed there is some difference in the number of moves 
between nouns, verbs or other words in Czech sign language.
Some signs have different meanings if you do one more or one less move, 
but it changes the whole meaning and not the type of word.
For example:


(This is funny, because it is the same as ASL sign NAME ;o)

If you do the contact threetimes it is still ILL, or SICK, but I think 
it would be signed by hearing, because it corresponds with the number of 
syllables in the word NEMOCNY (ne-moc-ny)
And I think sometimes it could be signed repeatedly to put the accent on 
the sign but i think it has to correspond with the facial expression too.


Notice: Sometimes it is difficult to discuss SL questions for us, 
because we are both hearing and we have SL as second or third language. 
I think deaf people would answer these questions better than we.
We would like to have CZJ native signers interested in SW here in the 
list, but not everybody can speak english and not everybody is 
interested in SW yet. It is a time question ;o) We work on it.

Charles Butler wrote:

> skola_4Looking at video, he moves his hand up 3 times. 
> ASL consistently does twice for a noun, does Czech do 3 times?
> I added this to Czech SignBank as skola_4.
> Charles

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