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August 19, 2005

  Ingvild Roald wrote:
> Formerly, I have been thinking that the in-between was to be used  
> when the fingers of one hand are in between the fingers of the  
> other hand. If it can be used for the whole hand or arm or whatever  
> being in between other parts of the body, then maybe that would  
> solve Honza's SKOLA problems. And I would re-write some signs too ...

Hello Ingvild, and Everyone!
While preparing the Lesson on circles (smile), I could not help  
reading this message! Here is the first of two messages on Contact.

BETWEEN means between-two-surfaces, and sometimes it can also mean  
INSIDE, for example, inside the crease of the elbow, between the  
upper arm and lower arm, as in the case of the ASL sign for MORNING.  
Here are all the BETWEEN symbols...continued next message...

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