Charles Butler chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM
Sat Aug 20 00:31:57 UTC 2005

On Skola_5 is your hand then parallel to the floor rather than sticking up under the armpit.  Just trying to read the orientation.

TomᚠKlapka <Tomas.Klapka at> wrote:
Thank you, Charles ;-)

Here are some other versions of SKOLA:



skola_5 is how I often sign it and I believe I am not the only one. 
Handshape in skola_5 better corresponds with the movement as it is 
written there in my feeling.
skola_6 is how is it on the video, but the move should be rather 
straight move up in the written sign, shouldn't be?


Charles Butler wrote:

> I like this. I'd agree that "Skola" would better be signed with an 
> |*| sign. It would clear up a lot of confusions. 
> Charles

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