AW: [sw-l] CZJ - Czech sign language: SKOLA (school) - video

Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Sun Aug 21 10:17:53 UTC 2005

Hi Honza, Tomas, Shane, Valerie, Charles ... sw -list

today I looked for the fist time at this "skola -video" - 

There are - as always many more variations how to write the sign in SW. 

Looking at Shane's comment ("crap and shit" )- I had to smile. 

Well if you would accept that the signer is actually doing a lot with his
mouth - (smile) you would not identify this sign as " a total crap" -- or
"total shit" - 

Dr Penny Boyes Braem  from Switzerland made me very attentive to these

So obviously the sign that is shown in this video is a combination of kind
of "voiceless articulation movements" which can be written with my
Mundbildschrift - 

looking at the hand and at the moovement I can imagine a different spelling

So it depends who should get the information. Students who  are on their way
to use bilingual materials in order to develop Spoken Language skills will
definitely take advantage out of a very detailed spelling - .

Once they know the terms in SL and Spoken Languages a less detailed
Mundbildschrift would do it - if there are no similar signs - which can lead
to confusion. But that depends on the scribes knowledge of the given SL  and
his intentions. 

Stefan ;-)) 

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SignWriting List
August 18, 2005

Shane Ó hEorpa wrote:
> In British Sign Language, that sign mean "a total crap" or "a total  
> shit" if
> done once - if twice, it mean "it is rubbish" or "it is crap"

Great. This means that you can copy the sign for Skola in the Czech  
SignPuddle and paste it into the BSL SignPuddle, and change the name  
of the sign, and you don't have to re-write it! That will add one  
more sign to the BSL SignPuddle!  Val ;-)

PS. List members...If you need instructions on how to paste signs  
from one SignPuddle to another, just ask me!
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