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Hi Charles – 


I am sorry – but that is not the case! – smile – 


GebaerdenSchrift is totally different from Cued Speech because you do not
get any information about the sound system of the given Spoken Language. I
guess the contrary is true in Cued Speech. 


“Mundbildschrift “ – a notation system invented by me is pretty much like
cued speech. Every symbol gets a distinct match with a specific sound-


The reason that these two system get mixed and the reason that it is so
difficult to explain that both systems show Mundbilder – but the symbol sets
for both system are different. 


Stefan ;-) 




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i see GebaerdenSchrift as very parallel to Cued Speech.  With a handful of
handshapes, HoH people are helped to learn spoken language fairly accurately
by being able to divide sounds on the face by articulators that don't appear
on the face.  Best example is that the words "red" and "green" look exactly
the same on the face to a hard-of-hearing person, but their internal
articulators (inside the mouth) are different.

Stefan Wöhrmann <stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE> wrote:

Hi Valerie and list - 

no (smile) it is not possible to learn German words through the Mundbilder
in GebaerdenSchrift. There are many reasons for that. The most important
reason is that there is no distinct match between a given sound of German
langauge and a specific Mundbild in GebaerdenSchrift. 

But there is another notation system called "Mundbildschrift" - 

The difference between these two system is somewhat complicated. 

In my "Handbuch zur GebaerdenSchrift" there is a whole chapter only about
this aspect. 

Since SL does not care about sound and voice - but depends on looking at the
hands, body a n d mouth these "Mundbilder in der GebaerdenSchrift" just
give some impressions about the voiceless (silent) mouth movements while
somebody is performing a sign. 

A good example may be the video of "skola" we discus! sed in detail - smile.

Just look at the mouth of the performer. 

Well - the "internal point of view" tells the scribe that this sign stems
from Czech SL so he is going to move his lipse like saying the word "SH" "C"
"O - like in all" "L" and "A" 

In fact you can't identify all these distinct "stills" and of course -
Charles - it has something to do with your knowledge in before - 

But nevertheless it is up to the skilled SignWriting scribe to accept a
performance just as it is - or to neglect or to suppress some of the
information that is offered. 

Contrary to that the "Mundbildschrift" is a system that supports
articulation. But this is not a question most people of the SW - list are
interested in. It is not a matter of SW but much more a typical educational
matter if teacher try to support deaf children to improve articulation. If
so - "Mundbildschrift" turns ot to become a wonderful support. 

Stefan ;-) 

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SignWriting List
August 21, 2005

Thank you, to all of you, who have been sending email written in 
SignWriting! And I enjoyed seeing some German messages in German 
signs. Thank you, Stefan!

So tell us a little about this sign, which I took from one of the 
emails. There are a lot of Mundbilder, so I assume that it is 
speaking a German word...Do you think a foreigner like myself could 
say the German word correctly from the Mundbilder? Have you ever 
tested that? If not, it doesn't matter, since what matters is your 
Deaf students of course, but I am curious to see if I could learn 
German words through the Mundbilder (grin)....

Can you post ! the equivalent sounds connected to each Mundbilder, or 
direct us to the exact web page...Many thanks!! Val ;-)

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