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Tue Aug 23 16:10:22 UTC 2005

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August 23, 2005

Ingvild Roald wrote:
> It (no 4) does not look ridiculous at all - it is a very good  
> description
> of a new signer - thanks. So no 3 will be the sign for the 'normal'
> hearie-signer, while no 4 will be the sign for the beginner - good.  
> Thanks
> a lot.
> (But with this change to smooth circles versus the dotted ones I  
> have been
> using, I have to change a few pages in the not-yet finished book)

Hello Ingvild!
I am happy to hear that these two attached are ok with you! I  
actually wasn't so sure, but I guess it really shows what it needs  
to...that is lucky!

Regarding the smooth-line or the dotted lined circles...I use both  
interchangably...They mean the same thing...SignWriter DOS still has  
the dotted-lined circles, and so do most other computer  
was True Type, starting with Steve Parkhurst, and then later with  
Stefan's TrueType, that had the smooth circles, partly because  
TrueType can create a better looking circle than a bitmap image (the  
graphics in SignWriter DOS are bitmap images)...I put the smooth- 
lined circles into the IMWA because you asked me to...but for me the  
dotted lines or the smooth lines mean the same thing, so you do not  
have to change your book for that reason...

I personally prefer the dotted-lined circles when we are using bitmap  
images...I need to work longer on the smooth lines in the IMWA, since  
I am not using TrueType there and it is harder to get a good looking  
smooth line with a bitmap

The reason I used the smooth lined circles in your examples is  
because you had written the other signs for TEGN with those, so I  
wanted to keep it consistent...I don't want people to think that the  
dotted lined circles mean jerkiness all by themselves!

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