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August 23, 2005

Writing the Position of Contact...
It is important to write the two hands contacting each other...The  
contacted position is more important because it holds the meaning to  
the sign...If there are changes in handshape, of course write several  
positions showing those changes, but no matter what, be sure to show  
the two hands together contacting, because that is what the eye is  
focusing on, when reading...we tested this with a group of Deaf  
people skilled in SignWriting in the US and found that when the  
position of contact was not written, they had to piece the sign  
together slowly, but when the two hands were written together in the  
contacted position, the sign was read faster...So the rule is to  
always write the position of contact, no matter what the beginning  
position is...So Stefan, the movement is fine with your writing of  
the Philippines, but you need the position of contact as well...

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