NORWAY Writing Some Norwegian Signs ;-)

Ingvild Roald ingvild.roald at STATPED.NO
Wed Aug 24 14:01:08 UTC 2005

Fine. I know that when I originally wrote the question, I used the dotted
circles as if they were interrupted - but I also said in my message then
that I knew this was not so. So I will keep things as they are in my book,
and in the appendix, where I am placing a whole lot of information about
the system and the groups and so on, I will put an explanation about the
dotted and the smooth (now) meanig the same thing.


sw-l at skriver:
>SignWriting List
>August 23, 2005
>Ingvild Roald wrote:
>> It (no 4) does not look ridiculous at all - it is a very good  
>> description
>> of a new signer - thanks. So no 3 will be the sign for the 'normal'
>> hearie-signer, while no 4 will be the sign for the beginner - good.  
>> Thanks
>> a lot.
>> (But with this change to smooth circles versus the dotted ones I  
>> have been
>> using, I have to change a few pages in the not-yet finished book)
>Hello Ingvild!
>I am happy to hear that these two attached are ok with you! I  
>actually wasn't so sure, but I guess it really shows what it needs  
>to...that is lucky!
>Regarding the smooth-line or the dotted lined circles...I use both  
>interchangably...They mean the same thing...SignWriter DOS still has  
>the dotted-lined circles, and so do most other computer  
>was True Type, starting with Steve Parkhurst, and then later with  
>Stefan's TrueType, that had the smooth circles, partly because  
>TrueType can create a better looking circle than a bitmap image (the  
>graphics in SignWriter DOS are bitmap images)...I put the smooth- 
>lined circles into the IMWA because you asked me to...but for me the  
>dotted lines or the smooth lines mean the same thing, so you do not  
>have to change your book for that reason...
>I personally prefer the dotted-lined circles when we are using bitmap  
>images...I need to work longer on the smooth lines in the IMWA, since  
>I am not using TrueType there and it is harder to get a good looking  
>smooth line with a bitmap
>The reason I used the smooth lined circles in your examples is  
>because you had written the other signs for TEGN with those, so I  
>wanted to keep it consistent...I don't want people to think that the  
>dotted lined circles mean jerkiness all by themselves!

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