FSL "June" spelling???

Charles Butler chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM
Thu Aug 25 11:02:38 UTC 2005

I found this site while browsing.  It seems to be a fairly complete dictionary of ASL.  The sign they show for CALENDAR shows some relation to your sign.  Perhaps we should write permission to start rendering their signs into SW.
Charles Butler

Nana Dumitra <nana.dumitra at SCHLOSSKLAUS.AT> wrote:

Thanks to everyone for the feedback so far. Yes, Charles, the movement is supposed to be a “turning a calendar backwards” kind of thing. Do you know where I could see this old ASL sign, is it also a sign for “June” or another word?




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It looks as if you are holding the index finger out, and the J hand face down and to the side.  I can understand it from your explanation but it looks very awkward.  Old ASL had a similar sign with the left index finger pointed to the right and the J hand flopping over it, like turning the pages to a calendar forward and back, not to the side.  Is this what you intended, or does the action go left to right.



Honza <honza at ruce.cz> wrote:

Hi Nana,

I think I can read your sign for June.
I tried to read it and than read your explanation and I get the same. 
Just the startin position of right hand in second part of sign seems to 
me a little bit confusing.
keep on. :-)


Nana Dumitra wrote:

> Dear list,
> I am just trying to enter the sign the deaf use most of the time for 
> „June“ (some just spell it, but there is a sign that is more often 
> used than the spelling). I am not sure if I am getting this right. The 
> sign consists of two parts.
> The first part you hold your left index finger in a half position. The 
> right hand using an “i” shape brushes the curve of a letter “j” 
> towards you. Then the second part of this sign takes the end position 
> of the first part and turns it over the still extended index finger 
> (similar to turning the page of a calendar). During this movement the 
> “i” shape of the right hand changes into an “e” shape.
> This is my attempt at it. Any suggestions?
> http://signbank.org/signpuddle/sgn-PH/dict/sl/June_2.png
> I don’t know why, but it seems I did something wrong when I wanted to 
> copy this sign into the e-mail. Please go to the link and look it up 
> there. If someone who is more computer literate than me knows what I 
> did wrong, I would appreciate it (I did it the same way last time and 
> it worked
> Thank you,
> Nana

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