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Tue Aug 30 19:28:01 UTC 2005

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August 30, 2005

Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:
> ... and what are your two letters... p l e a se -- ;-))

Hello Stefan and Everyone-
I guess you are not writing it from an everyday usage point of view?  
But instead as a movement writing exercise? That is fine. If we are  
writing the movement accurately, from a research perspective, then  
here is one question I have...It concerns me to blend two handshapes  
together so much, that they look like another symbol...I would write  
it this way...(the second example) with a tiny tiny space between the  
hand symbols which still means that they are touching, but not  
blended together so each symbol is still very readable...but maybe  
blending two symbols is ok too...we can ask different people...

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