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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue Aug 30 20:28:01 UTC 2005

SignWriting List
August 30, 2005

On Aug 30, 2005, at 1:12 PM, Steve Slevinski wrote:
> The spelling and the sequence will not always have the same  
> symbols.  Simple sequences use only the symbols in the spelling.   
> Detailed sequences use additional symbols not found in the  
> spelling.  I believe that Val has found with SignBank that simple  
> sequences break down when a dictionary reaches about 500 signs.   
> After that, detailed sequences are required to differentiate  
> between similar signs.

Hello Steve and Charles -
Yes. This is true. I think we all need to start with the Simple  
SignSpelling that you will be giving us, Steve, in SignPuddle 2.0.

Once we all get skilled in establishing the Simple SignSpellings for  
each entry in SignPuddle, then later, we can test to see if the  
Detailed SignSpellings will add the X-Y coordinates needed to show  
the positioning of the symbols...The Detailed SignSpellings give the  
kind of information that Senor Rocha was explaining in his Sign- 
Matching research, but simply in a different way. We use special  
Location Symbols that are in the IMWA, but not for writing, for  
lookup-symbol-positioning only.

But starting with Simple SignSpellings is plenty right now...for me  
too ;-)

Val ;-)

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