A spock handshape?

Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Thu Dec 15 15:14:22 UTC 2005

Hi Signuno,

Your number was off by 1, that's why the image didn't appear.  Then 
symbol number is 01-05-018-01-02-01 not 01-05-018-02-02-01.

This link will work...


Valerie Sutton wrote:

> SignWriting List
> December 15, 2005
> Signuno wrote:
>> I was trying to get this handshape image by
>> http://signbank.org/signpuddle/sgn-EO/image.php? 
>> build=01-05-018-02-02-01,130,160
>> but nothing came back.  Maybe it's the wrong URL? or maybe the  
>> handshape image isn't available yet?
> Hello Signuno!
> Nice to hear from you again. Go to your Signuno SignPuddle, and click  
> on the SignMaker icon. Then click on the 5-handshape group. You will  
> see all the 5 hands. In the attached diagram I have circled what I  
> believe is the Spock handshape...the flat hand has a space between  
> the middle and ring fingers. Is that what you need? I don't believe  
> you can access a single symbol with a URL like you did  
> above...although I may be wrong...but you can create signs in  
> SignPuddle using that handshape, with all its many palm facings...by  
> using SignMaker in SignPuddle. Or, if you need a single symbol, you  
> can save a single symbol as a sign in your dictionary to copy and  
> paste it into other documents when you need it...
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