[sw-l] SignWriter Dictionary Browser

Sandy Fleming sandy at FLEIMIN.DEMON.CO.UK
Tue Feb 1 13:15:18 UTC 2005

Hi Lars!

Yes, I've done some things differently from the way they've been done in the
past, so you might find some interesting stuff in my code, though whether
you'd find it useful is another question! Mine doesn't use the IMWA or SSS -
it has its own coordinates for drawing SW symbols (though so far I only have
the handshapes ready and I'm reworking some of those) - it would be even
better if we had a font but we're still waiting for unicode!

I'd be very interested in seeing your code for reading the dictionaries in
future - when I write features for loading foreign file formats. My software
doesn't handle dictionaries (it's supposed to do for SW what a text editor
does for oral alphabets, so the emphasis is on fast typing), but I'd like to
be able to make it read old MS-DOS files, assuming there are many around.

It's fantastic to see that you have a button for dictionary searches! Will
you be making it so that it can read SWML dictionaries as well?


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> Hello Sandy,
> it should be possible to create a runtime version later.
> At the moment the py2exe converter lacks the support of wxWindows
> ListCtrl.
> So you can run the program, but you wont see any entries :(
> So please download the framework, until i found a solution for this.
> Your screenshot looks very nice
> I'm looking forward to see your source code
> I've appended a new screenshot of my program with some translations
> Lars

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